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Our goal with the pastry workshops is to          share our culture, the History and the art of preparing the centuries old Portuguese Conventual Pastry.

Welcome to our traditions!

Share our traditions - Centuries old divine recipes

Portuguese Conventual Pastry




From our kitchen to

your kitchen 

The Online Workshop can be enjoyed anywhere in the world, by one or more people simultaneously, in the company of the family or individually. It is a program for several kitchens!


Taught directly from your kitchen, in Lisbon, to your kitchens. In each of the kitchens, participants prepare the recipe step by step following our example and directions. The preparation is done simultaneously in all kitchens. In the end fresh cakes come out of the ovens! 

With the booking you receive all information - list ingredients and utensils, mise en place, procedures and rules and zoom link, so at the time you will be ready!



1.30/2H depending the pace of the kitchens!


We select recipes that are teachable in this format and can be implemented without waiting in the oven: Pastel de nata, Queijinho do céu e Travesseiro de Sintra.


Up to 5 kitchens simultaneously. We do not impose a limit on the number of participants per kitchen. You can invite family or friends to your kitchen! 



30€/per kitchen


1. Submit the request through the booking app (click on the images)
2. After booking  you will receive the contact of the Organization and will be treated all topics associated with your participation.
3.  Cancellation Policy
All sales are final - no refund regardless of travelers cancellation status. Classes can be rescheduled by the Organization.

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